About Us

Grace Spiritual Center & Rev. Grace Wynands

Rev. Grace is the founder, president, and pastor of Grace Spiritual Center. She has diligently worked to provide a place of inspiration, where people of all beliefs can be united in spirituality. For over six years Rev. Grace was immersed in running the center's church -  but with teaching as her true calling, she and the center's focus gradually made a shift to education.

Rev. Grace is a certified medium/psychic and practices evidential mediumship. Her clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient gifts show proof that there is life after death in the messages she receives from the client's diseased family members, loved ones, and Spirit . She is also a trance medium and channels spirit beings from the other side in a trance state. Through channeling she presents her master teacher Kelzang Gyatso, the Seventh Dalai Lama (1708–1757), as well as Jesus, the Messiah - a frequent Messenger who gives messages of pure serene love and invaluable wisdom for our daily life and future, and also a collective consciousness representing themselves as the Masters of the Light. 

Rev. Grace's automatic writing is accurate and appears in a variety of hand writings depending on which spirit is coming through. As a Healer, Rev. Grace gives healing through her mediumship in a variety of settings while working with her Spirit Healer(s) and their energies through trance channeling, hypnotherapy,  past life regressions, and crystal healing. Her ministry as a Light Worker is focused on helping people as they progress on their spiritual journey in this lifetime.


An Overview



Rev. Grace is an ordained Minister through Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association in 2005 and through her own church, Grace Spiritualist Church, in 2011.


Driven by the importance of spiritual healing of the soul as well as her work as a spiritualist healer and evidential medium, Rev. Grace has attended numerous international spiritual conferences with renowned spiritual teachers (i.a. Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Kryon with Lee Carroll, et al.), to increase her knowledge of spiritual counseling. She also participated in a variety of past life regression workshops & training sessions with Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Michael Newton, and  Prof. Pieter Barten, among others. 

Teachers & Mentors

With her thirst for spritual knowledge, Rev. Grace completed her studies and certifications in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time-Line, Past Life Regression, Reiki and Theta Healing at the Bennett/Steller University in San Diego, CA and completed her Tutor Training in Evidential Mediumship at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in London (UK). Another great teacher through his books is the late Jozef Rulof, a Dutch explicit medium. His books, among others, form the basis of her teachings in spiritualism. In addition, Rev. Grace is always tuned in to her Master Teacher Kelzang while she teaches.

Guides & Channeling

Rev. Grace has and continues to channel important information pertaining to the cycle and meaning of life, free will, destiny of the soul, the spheres of light and darkness in the Spirit world, and any other spiritual topic that she incorporates in the class material of the spiritual classes she teaches at GSC. Even while she teaches, Rev Grace is tuned-in with Spirit and channels additional information on any spiritual topic when needed. 

Teaching & Education

Rev. Grace started teaching in 2007 at the Philosophical Library in Escondido. She currently teaches a variety of spiritual awareness workshops as well as studies in spiritualism and beyond in California and Arizona as well as in the Netherlands.


Rev. Grace is available for private readings and healing-sessions.



Her Story

Rev. Grace grew up in the Netherlands and moved to San Diego in 2001. She inherited her parents’ ability to communicate with Spirit. She was fortunate to have their guidance when she began communicating with Spirit at the age of four. Through the years she continued her spiritual development and education that allowed her to become the exceptional evidential, clairvoyant and trance channeling medium and teacher she is today. While living in the Netherlands, Rev. Grace was an active member of the Association of Parapsychology and Spiritual Awareness. She regularly visits the Netherlands and continues to give classes, workshops, and seminars there.

Rev. Grace is married to Robert, a scientist, and together they form an excellent combination, especially now that science is becoming more and more prevalent in spiritualism - after all, spiritualism is science! Together they have five adult children, and both had a career in biotech back in the Netherlands before Rev. Grace ventured off to focus on mediumship and spiritual teaching. Traveling is one of their passions and Hawaii holds a special place in their hearts. They love to live their life to the fullest and spend it with their family and loved ones.