Rev. Grace has an incredible gift of contacting souls on the other side.  She was able to contact the spirit of my mother who passed away in the year 2000, in a session back in December 2016.  In the private session, my mother's spirit came through to let me know that my birth father was not the man who actually raised me and that I was born in Love.  The main message was that I was my mother's Love Child, that she truly loved the man who was my birth father.  This information was confirmed seventeen months later in a DNA test.  My brothers and sister appeared as half-siblings, and I discovered an uncle I never knew I had.  Rev. Grace comes with my highest recommendation. 

C.J. – Phoenix, AZ

Light & Loving Energy…

Rev. Grace has fostered and supported my spiritual growth in ways I could not have imagined five years ago.  Now I realize that my previously untapped God source can be accessed through my higher self and used for good in this world. Rev. Grace's classes and workshops have given me the information and tools to do just so that I may add my light and loving energy to the physical/spiritual realms in some meaningful measure.  

J.S. – Carlsbad, CA


Reached out to Rev. Grace when I was concerned about job security when a number of people at the company I work for, were let go in increments of small groups. Not only did she tell me that she did not see that I was going to be let go, she also told me I was going to be offered a promotion and that they wanted to utilize my talents from a previous career. I was comforted by the first part of her reading but had a hard time believing the promotion part of the reading – let alone the use of talent of a former career that is such a far cry from what I'm doing now, it just didn't make sense to me. A few weeks later, I got called into my boss' office and was offered a considerable promotion along with the feedback that they thought I would make a good fit for the new position due to the experience of my previous career. I was completely blown away!

I.M. – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We Love

Caring & Knowledgeable…

Rev. Grace is a caring and knowledgeable individual. If you work with her, you will see what I mean!  

L.B. – Oceanside, CA

Gifted Medium…

Rev. Grace is a highly sensitive gifted medium and a passionate teacher.  

B.A. – Santee, CA

Kindness & Compassion…

Rev. Grace is such a wonderful spiritual teacher. She is so well-versed in so many areas and very grounded in teaching the fundamentals. If you want to truly stretch and grow with kindness and compassion, take advantage of her openhearted offerings.

E.M. – San Marcos, CA

Hearing Your Feedback

We learn, laugh, and expand…

I have participated in a few workshops with Rev. Grace when she comes to Arizona.  We learn, laugh, and expand our thoughts when she is here.  We look forward to her visits.  She always has something new to share.  God bless Rev. Grace and Robert. 

L.P. - Phoenix, AZ

With Love & Light

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within


Maya Angelou

If light is in your heart, you will find your way home



See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see


Wayne Dyer