Explanation of Sessions


How does Spirit communication work?

Most of Rev. Grace's work is communicating with loved ones who are on the other side and connect them with their families here on the physical plane. The knowledge that their loved ones are all right on the other side and to be able to communicate with them via Rev. Grace, makes it easier to cope for families and/or individuals who are experiencing emotional distress and grief due to a loved one's passing.

Spirit Counseling

As a counselor, Rev. Grace helps people when they are stuck or are dealing with sorrow or emotional pain on their spiritual path. Rev. Grace uses her spiritual abilities by tuning into and aligning herself with the vibrational-levels of Higher Spirits to communicate with them. Rev. Grace passes on the messages she receives from the Higher Spirits that are in the interest of the best and highest good for the people she is reading for. In addition, Rev. Grace uses her psychic abilities to combine the different energies together.


Automatic Writing

The process, or product, of writing material that does not come from the conscious thoughts of the writer. Practitioners say that the writer's hand forms the message, with the person being unaware of what will be written. In some cases, it is done by people in a trance state. Other times the writer is aware (not in a trance) of their surroundings but not of the actions of their writing hand. Rev. Grace will do “automatic writing” on special request. It is a state that she is in trance while the spirits are working with her through writing. She is not conscious of her thoughts, but is dictated by a voiceless voice that simultaneously gives her an impulse in her hand to write. A variety of handwriting is appearing on the paper according the Energy Spirit who is coming through. The benefit of messages from the Spirit received by automatic writing is that people always can “re-read” their messages that have been received by Spirit anytime they like.

Trance Channeling

This state is the same state as automatic writing, but instead of using her hand to write, Spirits are using her vocal cords to speak. As automatic writing results in different kinds of handwriting - depending on the Spirit communicating - there are different kinds of voice-timbres and speech patterns coming through. We can use this one-on-one, so that loved ones are able to communicate direct with their loved ones.

Readings with Rev. Grace

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Reading & Counseling with Spirit

As a natural medium, Rev. Grace gives spirit readings by communicating with deceased loved ones, spirit guides and teachers. She uses her clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience at the same time. Also, as a psychic she reads your energy for your past, present and future.


Reading/Counseling with Spirit


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This reading is for one 1-hour session a person

Spirit Healing


Healing work is done through channeling the healing energies from Spirit Healers. The thought of the healer must be pure and harmonized while channeling the healing energies and furthermore does not have any particular illness or disease in mind other than focusing on holding the recipient in a harmonized, whole, and perfect state — their pure state, their God-self state.


Healing with the method of Hypnotherapy is a healing session where you are brought into a deeper state of consciousness through meditation. Once this altered state, called the State of Theta, has been reached, a change can be brought about to convert the issue suffered from to a healthier form of consciousness.


Healing or Hypnotherapy


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This healing session is for one half-hour session a person

Past Life Regression


The experience of moving back in time of your life—and/or lives that you have lived before—to discover unsolved trauma(s). To relive particular situations again allows for healing to take place. The experience enables you to view situations from a distance and allows for problems to dissolve. The process of reliving these emotions and letting go, will bring you into another state of consciousness. This will result into relief, and more importantly, a state of positive emotional consciousness that promotes healing in all kinds of ways. New insights from a regression-experience contributes to positive changes and moving forward in life.


Past Life Regression


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This reading is for one 1-hour session a person

Message Circles

Open Message Circle

Message & Light Trance Channeling Circles | Duration 2 hours – $20 per person

A gathering where individuals may receive messages from Spirit. Time may vary depending on attendance. Therefore attendance is limited to a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 people.

Book a Message Circle via the CONTACT US page!


Private Seance Session

To contact your loved ones on the other side | Duration 1 hour – $120 per group

For small groups with a minimal attendance of 2 and a maximum of 4 people* ** 

Please confirm number of attendees prior to consultation with Rev. Grace

There is also the option to focus this session on open messages from Spirit

* Groups of 3–4 people need to schedule a minimum of 2 hours
** Please contact us to schedule a private session for groups larger than 4

Book a Private Seance Session via the CONTACT US page!